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As i'm bored to play alone i seek an regular play partner to do somes questes,dungeons and maybe raids. I have an Orc Warrior level 86 and Troll Rogue Level 85 both on Alleria. But i can reroll on an another server and i'm open to play Alliance if you're an ally. I'm also open to play all roles(i'm more used to DPS) and classes. My playtime depend of my sleep pattern but i'm most of time able to play at evening EST. Also roleplay interest me.

Truly Yours

Are you looking for an rp partner or just a friend to quest with? Also some details on your time zone and general age range would be a good idea. Just for compatability purposes. If you are not looking for rp this is probably not the best place to find a simple partner. This is a great place to find rp partners.
I seek 18 and older and i live in Eastern Canada in Montreal. yeah i seek an rp partner as i seek an quests partner. one goes with other. Otherwise which section is correct for an quests partner? In european forum that more explicit

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