Attempting Cleaning Up [Jade Serpent Achieve]

Hey all. A few members of my guild are nearly finished with our Pandaria Dungeon Meta, and one of the achievements we have left is Cleaning Up. We understand it's pretty much the most difficult, and I'm confident we have the DPS to absolutely decimate the Sha of Doubt quick.

However, I see lots of groups using a Warlock for double CC (I use Bind Elemental for #3). However, in the event of not having a Warlock, could we use a Rogue's Shroud ability to bypass the 3 Sha that run out after killing Liu Flameheart? Or is a Lock absolutely required to pull this off?
You can just tunnel the boss with the 3 adds up, it's what we did (1 lock and he didn't cc!!).
The three adds in question can see through stealth, so no it would not be an option.

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