What's the plan behind Justice Points in MoP?

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I simply don't understand what the philosophy here is.

I mean, I get that rep is important and for the revered valor gear, I can understand it. As you get rep, you get valor points, so that makes sense in an organic sort of way. Takes a while to save up VPs, takes a while to get rep.

What I don't get is where the justice points come into this. The problem here is three-fold:

1) The content that you get JP in isn't in any way connected to reputation, so if you're not the sort running dungeons, those rewards will be irrelevant.

2) If you ARE running dungeons, you run into a different problem: Your gear will outshine jp gear before you have the jp to earn it, and if you're using it to fill out your final slots, well, that brings its own difficulties: it either requires grinding ALL the reps ALL the time just to make sure you -can- should it come to that, or it requires grinding rep AFTER you notice you're missing that slot... which in turn means you'll probably fill it anyways.

3) If you are planning to run dungeons, getting rep and filling slots with honored gear seems a good plan--except that the currency for it is in the dungeons you were planning to buy that gear to qualify for.

So, to sum up:

This gear is NOT for rep-grind, it isn't for heroics chainers, and it isn't to qualify for heroics either.

So... what is the gear for? Who is meant to have it? What is the purpose of JP other than heirlooms?
As of now, I am doing heroics but doing heroics doesn't earn me Justice points. Where do I get justice points? Do I just grind scenarios?

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