A<Stölen>Semi-HC LF Disc/Holy Priest/ RDruid

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Stölen> is recruiting for Mists of Pandaria. Basically we raid 2 nights a week and still kick butt. We maintained a very competitive rate of heroic progression throughout Cata and capped off 4.3 by clearing 8/8H way back in March.

Current openings

Balance Druid
Holy/ Disc Priest

Raid times are Friday and Saturday 6.20-10.30pm PST.

We are a 10man guild that was started with the launch of Cata by a group of players that have been playing together since BC. Our core group of raiders are very experienced and dedicated, we often outperform serious guilds that raid a lot more hours per week.

We also love collecting meta achieves and mounts; back in Firelands we collected the Realm-first Glory of the Firelands raider and by the time we were done with Dragon Soul every one of our raiders had their own Life-Binder's Handmaiden from Heroic Madness in addition to their meta Twilight Harbingers.

The guild provides everything necessary (BOEs, flasks, gems, enchants etc) to get you performing at your peak and all we ask is that you turn up prepared with full knowledge of your class and encounter mechanics.

Apply at http://stolen.enjin.com/ or contact Léon, Venari or Tristha in game.

Contact my realid nuwan.rd@gmail.com or battletag Leon#1401 Kyo#1412

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