Was told hunters are the most OP class now.

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Good read, would do again
Prolly the mage who crit me for 233k saying that....
Are you retarded? He's not talking about mages in THIS thread, if you saw him complaining about mages in another thread then go comment there. This thread is for laughing at how ridiculous it is to call hunters the MOST OP class.


It's a 1600 mage with an incredible urge to tell people they suck and should l2p when he should probably take his own advice, and stop posting and learn how to play. :/

I don't think he read anything in this thread at all.
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i'll just leave this here
BM PvP is pretty good atm. but our PvE dps could be better
he says pretty good

l o l
Too casual to be able to seriously pvp yet, but it is nice that in my questing gear (drops, best at moment) I think I've only been successfully ganked once in Panda, (15 wins, one gank) and felt really good the other day when two rogues tried to gank me and I took them both with 40k left. Even in my 85 PVP gear in Cat as MM I never would have dreamed of doing that, but seems that the redesign has helped out some just from the questing incidentals and world PvP. And I'm relearning BM as I've been MM for years. So it isn't all bad this release, not op maybe, but much better by the feel of it.

Or it could be that everyone trying to gank is just a noob hopping on the Panda train, but I sort of doubt it. At first blush at least if feels like we have more chance than before.

My main gripe is our image on Armory having no wep. We look like bored sticks standing their with hands to side. Love to see that fixed a little, and show the pet again plzzzzzz!
About time we lost the huntard rep. Its Monktards now. :p
what a bunch of small sons up in here

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