Was told hunters are the most OP class now.

Although Its sweet revenge in my and many other hunters in the world's eye. I have the feeling they are in the machine shop, working on the nerf bat.

Scenario that happened to me yesterday. Keep in mind I am wearing my 85 cata welfare pvp gear still @ 87.

Disc priest opens on me.

Macro'd BW that casts all pet abilities plus Stampede. Thrill of the hunt ( which procs often ). KC x 2 with steady and nearly free arcane shots + plus a silence shot with lynx rush.

Readiness...repeat. Guy then left me alone for the rest of the day. Note enemy was also 1 level higher.

I suggest if you are BM, to go farm arena points early. This is the dawn of the hunter....especially bm.
So every class through out the life of the game can be OP for a little while, but as soon as a Hunter does anything that is not complete crap, they want us nerfed. Hmmmmm......
BM PvP is pretty good atm in burst phase, then dead in the water. but our PvE dps could be better


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