Level 90 Fire Mage PvP Stat Priority?

Note: Please do not discuss PvE here. This is purely for level 90 Fire mage PvP.

Does anyone know what the level 90 stat priority is for level 90 Fire spec PvP? Or perhaps a source for a more detailed discussion of this?

Thank you.
Probably crit until at least 25%. The shatter cap is really low now, but I don't think that haste or mastery are going to provide much extra damage inside a deep freeze. The damage you gain from the more frequent pyros will probably outweigh it.
Gonna go hard on crit since it'll be awhile before we have the same amount we did in full cata at 85. I know you only need 25% for shatter but I require more procs!

Definitely worth it to test haste or mastery past the 25% crit softcap though.
crit crit and more crit, 40% isnt enough!

mastery just increases ur dot dmg, ppl die before that becomes an issue, haste isnt important in pvp at all, and i mean at all, 0 haste is sufficient for pvp leaving crit the ONLY option!

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