80-84 MoP blues

MoP has brought some ridiculous rare items for 80-84, I've manage to get a couple of Fellworth's Repetitive Greataxe cheap on the horde AH and transfer them to Ally side. I've equipped one as Arms but I'm wondering just how much better, if at all, it would be to go Fury dual wielding a couple of these bad-boys.(was thinking about putting collosus enchant on the off-hand) I could probably flip a nice profit on my 2nd spare axe.

Just for reference I managed to pull 32k on a dummy in my current gear and my beard still has a lot of bum-fluff present and is quite short, with more practice I'm sure my beard can get a lot longer and more coarse with tinges of red and grey.
That reminds me of the archaeology item niffelvar bearded axe. 1h agility axe, ilvl 226. But usable at lvl 71. I put that on my enhancement shaman and destroyed things for 9 levels. It was hilarious.

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