Monks wear cloth, not leather.

Blizzard got it wrong in concept.

Monks, both eastern and western, did not wear leather.

They wore cloth.
And yet Monks in game wear leather...because agi/sta cloth makes absolutely no sense.

In game armor choices don't match out of game armors. In-game armor types exist to separate out classes and gear, not to make matches.

Ninja's (the closest match to Rogue's) aren't known for wearing leather armor. So why do rogues?
I don't think any warriors are really known for wearing leather soooo...
well first of all Pandas don't even use any clothes, leather plate or anything... western eastern northern southern alien etc....they run around naked!!!
True, but stop and think from a game standpoint. This was the breakdown before monks.

Priest, Mage, Warlock

Warrior, DK, Paladin

Shaman, Hunter

Rogue, Druid

Mail and Leather were already under-represented in the number of classes that use them, so it would have meant that to be fair they would have needed to put monks into either Leather or Mail to prevent having 4 classes rolling on cloth.

From another standpoint, there is already agility leather in the game. They aren't going to want to make an entire class of armor that only one class uses (we already have that for spellplate for holy paladins). It is much, much easier to toss monks in with the other agility classes than to have to create a whole line of brand new armor over 90 levels just for them.

So yeah, it was either Leather or Mail for monks. It already comes in Agility/Intelligence flavors, is already statted out properly for everything the monks need to do, and they are both under-utilized. Given those two choices, I think they made the right choice in putting us in leather.
celitc warriors used to fight almost nekkid so i guess that should mean that warriors now fight nude also!
Mail was more common than plate for warriors

rogues frequently used cloth and mail armor

seen multiple cases of priest figures in mail/plate
Blizzard got it wrong in concept.

Monks, both eastern and western, did not wear leather.

They wore cloth.

Blizzard got it wrong, humans can't *actually* fling fireballs out of their hands and I've never seen a tauren cast Holy Light in real life.

Sometimes, game mechanics have to be put above reality.
10/02/2012 12:11 AMPosted by Moine
I don't think any warriors are really known for wearing leather soooo...

Most "warriors" wore either boiled leather or chain mail. Plate was reserved for knights and mounted cavalry.
Blizzard got it wrong in concept.

Monks, both eastern and western, did not wear leather.

They wore cloth.

Monks, both eastern and western, were characterized by an ascetic lifestyle, and didn't go off on grand adventures involving punching and kicking things in the face. Had things been otherwise, they'd likely have worn at least boiled leather/hide, and likely some variation of chain or scale.

Bringing real life arguments into video games is fun kids.
Monks here are loosely based of Shaolion Monks. Those guys wear cloth robes and pants because they have no reason to wear armor.

Monks in-game have their lore based around the idea that they go out and explore the land, and then get telepathically summoned to the Peak of Serenity to continue their training. They do have reason to wear armor, and so they wear the lightest armor they can.
That depends. I'm pretty sure that Benkei wore armor during the Gempei War. Same for any sohei (aka warrior monk) in Japan's history. Not to mention all the "warrior monks" in Europe. Those knights' orders, like the Templars? They were basically exactly that.

Shaolin wear cloth today. You can't go by today's show displays and make a historic verdict. There were others, not just them, in history. When called to arms, which could happen, they would protect themselves.
If you wanna be super totally accurate, leather/hardened leather was the most common armor type of any soldier/warrior in any army unless they were high ranking/rich and could afford someone to make it.
I think monk's should wear cloth. And if they do decide to make Demon hunters they too.
I keep seeing this thread, and I keep trying to think of something nice to say, but i just can't so here it is:

Don't want agi cloth, bad enough having to tank in leather, second worst type of armor in-game.

Plus, this is a game, nothing's meant to be toe to toe with real stuff and if there are somethings like that, then it is pure coincidence, and you should just enjoy it.
whew! well it's a damn good thing this game is set in fantasy, or we might be in trouble!
Yeah you really can't compare it to real world stuff or at that point you effectively have warriors able to wear every set of gear and all gear must have strength on it to accommodate.
well actually monks,warriors,ect... where there own people in real life and could wear whatever the **** they wanted to (argument won)
Hunters irl wear camouflage, wearing bright coloured mail armor that depicts dragons is totally against that idea.


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