Must Fix Mage Bomb Sound Bug!

Bug Report
Please fix the bug that is responsible for the persistent looping sound effect associated with casting mage bomb. It's absolutely terrible, and as a result it just really wrecks the game experience, so dissapointing! It doesn't matter where I am, dugeons, senarios, PvP, questing whatever it is after using mage bomb (not necessarily the first cast but 2nd, 3rd, 4th...) the bomb casting noise doesnt end with the cast going off, it just keeps looping. Honestly, its not just me its everyone of my friends that play a mage or players I just come across in game they all have the same problem, please fix ASAP!

(I am using the 64-bit client.)
• I've tried disabling all my addons.
• I've deleted my WTF. Cache and Interface folders.
• I've tried turning off/on Deathknight voices. The game sound restarts and the mage bomb noise goes away but it doesnt prevent it from coming back when using mage bomb later on.
If you check or uncheack enable reverb in sound options it will stop it for a little while.
Its still broken Ash, still comes back, and still doesnt work as intended. Hard to play and have fun with a constant noise spamming in your background, you know this, you're a mage.
It would be nice to get a blue post on this so at least we can be okay with them working on a fix. Another week of this I am about to stop playing completely.
No I agree it needs to be fixed asap, just saying until they do you can get rid of that annoying sound for a min or 2 :P
It amazes me how quiet everything is when I do the temp fix and the sound is normal for a few minutes. When I can actually hear the environment instead of "aaaaaaahhhhhhuuuuuuummmmmm"
I have been having the same issue. It really detracts from the experience. The only way I can get rid of it is by disabling and then re-enabling hardware or sound effects. The problem goes away when sound effects are disabled, but where is the fun in playing a game with no sound?

I found this post in one of the forums. It had a blue response and a link that they are "working" on the issue.
Why can't we get a blue post on this topic from the US. Blizzard is a US based company yet they have better customer service in Europe, I simply don't get it.

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