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Since we no longer have to equip a fishing pole, is it possible to have a macro that when we use our fishing ability to equip our fishing hat and use the lure before that cast? Right now seems fishing buddy and fishing ace are having small issues and slow to be updated. (on curse at least)
Thanks in advance.
/equip hatnamehere
/use 1
/cast fishing
I have an equipment set I use for fishing that include my pole and fishing hat. I equip it with a macro:/equipset fishing

I also have my "1" key macroed for an attack if I have weapons equipped or to fish if I'm carrying my fishing pole:#showtooltip
/use [worn:Fishing Poles] Fishing; Attack spell

You could branch your macro similiarly, by making sure you have some unique item in your fishing set - like a fishing pole - and then do:#showtooltip
/use [worn:Fishing Poles] 1; Some Other thing Here
I haven't really used my fishing hat very much, so I'm going to work under the assumption that it is both on the gcd and has a cast time to apply (ie. It's similar to independent lures). Under those assumptions, you could try something like...
/equipslot 1 <hatName>
/cast [nomod]Fishing
/stopmacro [nomod]
/use 1
This should always equip your hat; if you are pressing a modifier, it will attempt to use your first slot (ie. Your hat). If you are not pressing a modifier, it will attempt to instead cast your line. I personally use a different macro, however...

/cast [nomod]Fishing
/stopmacro [nomod]
/equipslot 16 4 24
/equipslot 1 4 21
#/equipslot 17 <weaponName>
The final line is commented out and added in after the fact, because I am usually ret when I fish. This will equip my fishing hat and pole (ie. whatever I have in those bagslots), or my weapon and normal hat, depending on the situation, if I hold down a modifier. If I do not hit a mod, it will instead try to fish. Let me know if the first macro does what you need it to do.

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