Full Guild Run WTS Alani Cloud Serpent Mount

Dizzlex is back in action for MOP and we want to help you get the most elusive and rare mount available in the game today!


We will be selling one mount per week. The price of the mount is 750k and is non negotiable.

Obviously, the details of the method are best discussed in game but we guarantee the mount will drop, and we guarantee the methods of obtaining the mount are completely legitimate and have been used before.

Please know that the mount is incredibly difficult and time consuming for us to get and is incredibly rare and hard to obtain. The price for this mount matches the difficulty of the obtainment. Please only contact me if you are a SERIOUS buyer.

If you are interested in obtaining this rare mount and flying around Azeroth in style, please contact Dizzlex in game via mail or message.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you soar on the coolest mount in all Pandaria.
lol 750k...

I have 1 Sky Crystal on me, and enough man power to sell the kill + mount for CHEAPER than the poster, contact me in game for more details :)
Go guild!
Posting on another guild's forum about what you "think" you can do better or cheaper than them is not the right way to get your guild noticed.

If you think you can do something better, faster, cheaper than us, then by all means do so. Do the advertising in your own forum thread and don't advertise in other guild's threads.

I think that is all that needs to be said on this topic. Any other posts from you will be ignored.
This mount can be masterlooted.

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