Help with a helpful macro

In the interest of saving keybinds I use a macro that will stealth me if I'm not in combat and if I press it again while I'm in stealth it casts pounce. It reads as:

/cast [nostealth, nocombat] prowl
/cast [stealth] pounce

I want this macro to make me stealth in combat if I'm in King of the Jungle Catform. How would I set it up?
Nevermind it was pretty easy after playing with it some.

/cast [nostealth, nocombat] prowl
/cast [modifier = Incarnation] prowl
/cast [stealth] pounce
What if you want to Pounce as a means of stunning while using Incarnation?
you can press it again while Prowling in Incarnation form and it will have you pounce the target. Love this macro.
oh I get what you're saying hmmm
You can add in a shift modifer for any state to activate Pounce.

I have something similar setup but I use Stealth = Pounce, NoStealth = Shred. With a simple shift modifier I have the ability to Shift-Bind to hit my Pounce if needed.

It doesn't come up often, but it can be useful to have as an option. : ) Food for thought.

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