Issue with my Friend's computer. Help needed!

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I am posting / troubleshooting this for my buddy. Thank you in advance for any help.

His setup
i7-9820 on an ASUS Rampage IV Formula
16gb Corsair 2133mhz
Crucial M4 256gb ssd
WDC 300g Velociraptor
Corsair tx750 psu
and an Asus 7970 gpu

The issue I am trying to work out for him is as follows.

He has been getting random freezes during World of Warcaft. He doesn't get a BSOD, just a hard freeze. He checked with ASUS and they told him to upgrade his Bios, and Crucial had a firmware upgrade for the M4 that he didnt have as well. After he applied the updates, non of his HDD's register in his Bios but if i take one of my drives and plug it in, it registers in the Bios and can boot from it. When i take his drives that don't show up in his Bios and plug them into my rig, they seem perfectly fine, and i can access all his files. Since the drives seem to be fine, it seems like to me that this could be one of a few things

Bad bios flash (but that wouldn't make 100% sense since he was havng issues before as well)
Bad Sata Controller
possibly bad CPU

Any ideas or opinions? Let me know if you need more information.
First thing I would try is resetting the bios to factory defaults either from the bios or by resetting the CMOS via jumper. Since it will boot with your drive, the bios flash must have gone ok and the Sata controller and cpu should be fine. I'd be tempted to suggest that the Crucial drive is to blame, but the WD raptor doesn't show up either? After resetting the bios, try swapping Sata channels also. Interesting issue.

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