☆★ <TA> 1/6 HM LF 1 Tank 1 rDPS★☆

Area 52
<TA> Is currently recruiting 90s for CORE raid spots. We have a high need for hybrid players (DPS with heal/tank OS, etc). We have an immediate spot for one Tank and one Ranged DPS. We are looking to recruit players who seek a hardcore raid environment, but also a lighter, social side on off nights.

Raid Days: Tues/Wed/Thrs/Mon 8 pm – 12 am EST
Loot System: Loot Council
Raid Size: 10 man
We use Mumble

Current Progression:
MSV: 1/6 Heroic

Recruitment Needs:
  • Tanks: LF 1 - Warrior Pref,
  • Heals: LF 1 Exceptional Healer
  • DPS: Open to *ALL* Ranged.
  • *We are always accepting exceptional players for core spots, regardless of our posted needs.

    What We Expect
  • Attendance – We expect our raiders to make 95% of our raids.
  • Attitude – One overly negative attitude can ruin the atmosphere of a raid. We are looking for people who can shake things off, accept constructive criticism, and who are eager to raid.
  • Mumble – All raiders must have mumble and a working headset and mic.
  • Performance – Raiders should always perform to their best. They are expected to enchant, gem, and reforge with the best resources available. Know your rotation and use cooldowns properly, etc.
  • Social – As a member of <TA> you’re expected to be polite and friendly with the guild.
  • Our Website – Raiders are expected to regularly check and use our forums. We expect raiders to post absences and review posted boss strats in advance.

  • If you feel that we’d be a perfect fit for you, please apply at our website.


    For questions, feel free to message us in game:
  • Fairladyz
  • Karizmah
  • Xeverus
  • ^^^^^
    Updated. Need one healer who knows what they are doing!
    I could heal for you, however, I would not be able to make monday raids cause I work. :(
    =(((( -- Updated!!!!
    Would love a great Warlock or Hunter
    Updated once again!
    Elegon down!
    Bump. Really could use a good lock.
    Definitely a tank, preferably a DK
    Need an affliction lock

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