Vexic & <Is A Little Girl>

I'm a level 88 Boomkin currently, I xferred Ally from Horde because I couldn't stand how many arrogant baddies play on Horde, as a result I have made the baddies mad and now they're always rolling in groups of 5 to try and kill me.
I like turtles.
i see old lvl 85 pics and 1 pic of some one targeted that's 90 but could have died from anything. Rage post? don't be mad cause you cant take the heat twans. just be prepared to go everywhere praying i don't kill you!!!! BE MAD LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+1 potato.
Darth you're so agitated at the fact that you can't beat me 1v1 that you roll in groups of lvl 90s trying to gank me while i'm leveling, cy@ baddie
ahhh your funny cause i !@#$ on you all the time 1v1. lol making up stories cause your so mad now? dont have to lie to kick it... well i guess you do cause your alliance now... Get at me when you have your lies figured out. lol you 1 v 1 me funny guy
Darth you don't even enter TB without Pchef & the PvE crew to back you up, you get graved 24/7 by Sapit/Distracted, Smokewax, and I, cy@ skid
I'm so angry, i'm gonna go spam General chat to find more people to help kill Twans.
i dont need more people to kill you girl. and im so bad smokewax is in my guild as a horde now lol and i know your a 15 yr old kid. so this whole post just shows how mad you really are!!!!
I made a forum post because I think it's hilarious how you died to a level 88 1v1 and camp guards in TB.
Run when you see me cause that all you can do twans!!!!!!!
The fact that you roll in groups of lvl 90s to kill a lvl 88 kind of defeats your ability to claim somebody else is mad, keep trying baddies cy@
The only person i know that camps guards in TB is Agincourt...
You run to guards, Pchef runs to guards, Vexic doesn't move away from the guards, and everyone else you 'PvP' with does the same, you're all baddies, keep grouping up to kill me, still never gonna beat me.
Hey Vexic, this is a picture of you dying to a level 88 when Skybleed was teamed up with you trying to kill me.

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