DDG is Recruiting for 10 man - Weekends

Aerie Peak
Recruiting for Raid Team - Looking for up to par players for 10 man raids since it's harder to do than 25s on heroic mode. This is a semi-hardcore raid.

What we are seeking -

Tanks -
1 Warrior - with dps offspec and gear

Healers -
1 Disc Priest with Shadow offspec
1 Holy Paladin with ret spec
1 Resto Shaman with Elemental offspec -- all with equivelant dps gear

1 Mage -
1 Hunter - BM preferably
1 Boomkin - with resto offspec

If your class or spec is not needed and you are an above par player you may also be welcome on an as needed basis. Everyone interested must be LFR capable and have completed it. (No Brainer there)

Our Raid Schedule will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and possibly sunday depending on speed of progression. Raid times will be from 5 server until 9 server. We will not extend raid times.

Anyone wishing to join the raid team may contact myself or Kris ingame. You do not need to join DDG to be a part of the raid team right away. Let's face it most people would rather stay in <Random nobody gives a crap> until they know their raid is good right?
Loot is council system. If you perform you get purples, if you do not perform you get nothing.......
Bump for the best casual guild on AP.
Oh, you were serious about raiding panda places.
I am always serious. You probably mistook my form of recruitment over others long winded bull!@#$. Join DDG kill %^-*, have a good time, and expect to get yelled at if you are stupid.
I will also come back to raiding after a 4 year hiatus. Be prepared to see long winded discussions about just how weird it is that my dps is just that much better than every other priest on the planet.

We have the usual stuff, the banks, the vents, the gratuitous females in the guild.

The main thing we offer is the ability for sad folks that work through the week to raid on the weekend.

DDG has always been a comfortable mix of "giving a crap" enough to get some top end raiding attempted while not going insane with having our name on some obscure raiding website.

I made this post while humming "You're the best... AROUND... no one's ever going to keep youdown!". I am a man, and a monster... a Manster mind you.

You guys need to upgrade to Mumble. Vent is so 2006.
My server is actually mumble,not vent now.
Still recruiting for a weekend run. Come have fun with us!
I'll join on my level 85 alt.

Be warned, I soak Sonic Rings.
I have a druid that i have no idea what to do with and am terrible at. I feel this makes me a good fit.

Acualy posted to acknowlegdge that im adding this raid time to the thread

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