[A] <Existence> (8/8H T13) Recruiting T14 25m

Existence is currently recruiting for 25 man progression raiding once again! Existence has been on Korgath since December of 2010 and has raided 25 man every tier since. With Mists of Pandaria here, and most of our members racing to gear up and prepared for the upcoming content, we are looking to add more members to our lineup. We don't claim to be a top World 100 guild. Most of our members have full time lives outside of the game, but play to be a part of the community and for the competitive nature of progression raiding. We do expect the best from our raiders, both in and out of the raid. Food and flasks are provided, but the right attitude and knowledge of your class and of the content are up to you to bring. This is not a teaching guild. We will not hold your hand.

What we can offer you:

- Good (not amazing) progression.

- Laid-back raiding environment. Most of the time.

- Raid consumables, gems, enchants, help with profession leveling, etc. The guild bank pays for almost everything once you've passed a trial. As a result, most of us supply the guild bank with our tradeskill cooldowns, etc. It works out well.

What you can offer us:

- 90% attendance.

- Great situational awareness.

- Competitive to exceptional DPS/HPS.

- Can-do attitude. Yes, it's corny, but none of us want to raid with someone who complains all the time.

- Heroic ready gemming/enchanting/spec/professions.

Existence is currently recruiting one non-paladin tank, a few healers, and a variety of melee and ranged dps. Our raid times are as listed: Tu/W/Th 7:30-10:30 SERVER (CST). If you have any questions about this post or about joining Existence, you can visit our website at www.existencegaming.com or get in touch with us more directly in game by contacting either Hollet (Raid Lead) or Amaru (Guild Master).
bump still actively recruiting spots for our 25 man roster
To the top.
Still looking.
10/04/2012 10:26 AMPosted by Amaru
Still got a few spots.



1-2 Healers.

One Non-Paladin Tank.
So I called you a loot !@#$%, deal with it Kyyrr.

Actually I said you aren't going to get passed over against a member just because they have been there longer. If you are going to say things about my guild, at least make sure its accurate kid.
Kyyrr, trolling or serious?
Back to business, recruiting anyone who isn't a loot wh*re.
Thatboywill, this was a serious post, based off the conversation I had with Amaru, in no way a troll, and I suggest you go look up the definition of trolling if you think I was.

Edit in response to Amaru: Just because a player doesn't like to raid with a Loot Council loot system, and turns down your guild because of it, doesn't mean they are a loot oriented player. While loot is the benefit of clearing current and challenging content, being in a guild where drama could take place because of a favoritism influenced loot system is the reason I turned you down. Instead of asking questions as to why, you directly implied I was a loot oriented player, attempted to throw wild insults, and I left the mumble server instead of explaining it to you.

I also suggest you not talk down your current Trials to applicants, it made me even more hesitant to consider joining because I was unsure of the quality of players you recruited. Instead of doing that you should pull them to the side, ask them why they aren't performing in a manner expected, and offer help, not flame them to current applicants, expecting to get better players.
Sorry, can't take advice from a kid who raged out over loot. I think you overreacted to the whole thing, you got instantly rude the second I told you it was loot council, so I called you a loot wh*re. The fact that you won't even give something a try because you have had a poor experience in the past is kind of dumb in my opinion, and the fact that you clearly weren't listening after you heard loot council(I say this because you some how thought seniority played a factor in choices when I clearly told you it didn't) is even more dumb.

Take it easy, loot wh*re.
Your inability to handle criticism, and have a discussion without referring to slang insults shows me I made the right choice by turning down your guild. And by your reasoning (not trying something because it didn't work before) means I should perform and engage in activities I have attempted and that have not been found effective? Great reasoning.

Perhaps if you could refrain from your attempted secondhand insults and have a logical and meaningful conversation with someone, people would be able to see your views, but all you do is attempt to censor yourself with an asterisk, instead of being mature.
Oh hey man, you're still here?

The fact that you raged out over loot makes me think that I'm glad you made the "right choice" of not joining my guild, seeing as, ya know, you're a loot wh*re.

I wish you nothing but the best friend, good luck in your search!
Alright man lets go over this. You are mad for some reason that I can't figure out, apparently you got upset over the fact that we use a loot council. Not every guild uses a loot council and I can understand why you could be wary of that.

That said, your reasoning is !@#$ing dumb. As to your last post: "(basically) Well lets roll with DKP or something similar because LC is flawed)". Well, you'd have to have been in the guild to make that judgement. Right?

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