Holy Paladin Talents for PvE

Which talents are you choosing for holy in PvE?

I'm confused on the third tier. I mostly play ret and selfless healer is like amazing but I'm debating on that or Eternal Flame. I don't really know which one is better in the long run.

Also, how about the fourth tier? Hand of Purity might be useful in some situations.
Selfless healer requires casting judgment, which is otherwise unnecessary. It's a little bit of mana savings ultimately (assuming you're not sitting on it), but I'm guessing EF probably adds up to more free healing. I prefer EF for healing. Coupled with Divine Purpose, you can end up having it on the entire party if you're really lucky. If you have Holy Avenger active, you can get it on quite a few people. It also keeps your mastery up and goes through beacon.

I also went with clemency. With how often I use hosac, it seemed like a winner. Hand of Purity is going to be very situational. Been a bad raider and haven't researched the fights yet, so not sure which fights it'll be good on. I considered Unbreakable Spirit until I realized that the loh cd reset if you wiped.
I'm still having a tough time deciding between Sacred Shield and Eternal Glory myself. They're both stellar talents for Holy, although it's definitely possible that Eternal Glory will get less useful if we wind up doing more AoE healing in raids (like Janaire, I have done next to no research on the fights yet, so idk).

It's probably worth noting that while Eternal Glory seems really, really OP at level 85, those numbers aren't quite as favorable at level 90 (that goes for Word of Glory in general as well) so EF vs. SS is a quite tough call. Selfless Healer though requires you to judge very often, which means you're spending four globals for one extra powerful heal. Not really worth it.

The tier 4 talents are kind of the opposite, where outside of gimmick situations they don't matter that much. Hand of Purity for fights with heavy dot damage on one target (like Heroic Yor'Sahj from DS, at least before the nerfs made it cake), Clemency for general utility with your tank cooldown (more leeway with Hand of Sac usage is always useful, even if it's not super stellar outside of gimmick fights), and I guess Unbreakable Spirit if you find that more time with Divine Protection is really important.
selfless healer- a billion wasted gcds

eternal flame- every time you use eternal flame you are not using the hilariously powerful light of dawn

sacred shield- yes

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