Low dps as arcane?

Im usually hardly pulling 30k dps, i'm doing the right rotation and everything.. is it my gear? I reforged everything correctly gemmed what i could.. ect..
I would Nether tempest, Fire blast, Arcane power whenever it's up, Arcane blast until 4-6 stacks, arcane barrage and use Arcane missiles whenever it's up. I'm pretty sure thats the rotation i should be using.
09/29/2012 08:32 AMPosted by Blizzs
at lvl 85 in arcane i was doing in 390 average ilvl gear 35-40k dps in ds, just practice.

You can't compare level 85 geared dps to level 90 in greens/blues. DPS drops off a cliff as you level until you start gearing up again. I'm still mostly in my heroic DS gear and haste, crit, and hit have both been cut in half or more.

If the OP is doing the right rotation and has the right talents, then it's probably just a gear thing.
What you are saying you use as a rotation is exactly what Noxxic or Elitist Jerks will tell you to do. The biggest factor that none of these guides tell you about is *missile usage*.

Missiles can proc after *any* damaging attack, do not cost mana and get the bonus damage from Charges.

If you are below 4 stacks, never cast missiles *UNLESS* you have 2 charges, then use one of them and go back to blasting.

Never cast Blast if you are at 4 stacks or above.

Usually you will hit 4 stacks and have 1 or 2 stacks of missiles. Use them then.

It is best to refresh your bomb *after* you have exhausted your missile procs but *before* you barrage. This is because your bomb cast can proc another missiles which you can cast at the higher stack number for more damage. Then barrage and go back.

Again, the ONLY times you should cast missiles are if you have 2 stacks of them(use 1 so you dont waste future procs) or if you are at 4 or greater stacks of charge.

Also, Fire blast is completely useless on single target (even with glyph).
don't use nether tempest, it's a huge dps loss to frost bomb
I switched to arcane over the weekend and even with my sub-par gear I was pulling very solid DPS. I just wasn't feeling it in heroics, though. Using the Icy Veins and Noxxic guides and about an hour of dummy time I was pulling solid dmg for sure.
Make sure that you're using askmrrobot for stat and gear assistance. Logic and common sense override what this website tells you to do but in general it's a good guide for switching specs and refining gear/stats, especially after switching specs. Just make sure not to take it as gospel as there is still much theorycrafting to be done.
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don't use nether tempest, it's a huge dps loss to frost bomb

We really do need a jack of all trades in terms of spec flavor now. No more can someone really be a straight up Arcane flavored mage, or just use Frost Spells, or Fire, etc. Dang! I use to like feeling like one thing or another. I generally would pick all of the Arcane talents just for strengthening the flavor of my character but it sounds like that isn't the best way to go.

But, I really did think that talents now were suppose to be even and it WAS just about flavor - no wrong or right answer. Is this not correct?
Technically all 3 bombs are about even in terms of single target dps... The reason frost bombs is better than nether tempest has to do if there is any form of aoe during a boss fight frost bomb just becomes better, so going with frost bomb works out .
Have you tried practicing on a dummy? If you pull more DPS on a dummy, then the problem mostly lies on how you are affected by dynamic situations in real fights, which is to be expected. My DPS is going to be below 30k if I "freak out".

Also make sure your mage bomb is up (doesn't matter which on single target) and your level 90 talent is fully utilized. Sounds easy but it's one of those things easily forgettable. Use reminder addons to help you like TellMeWhen or MageBombTracker.

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