Brewfest Daily?

Ok, am wondering, why when I tried to start the Brewfest dailies, I had 3 ! appear, as soon as I accepted the first quest, all the others disappeared, and still havent came back. I reset my addons, and still nothing.

So do we only get 1 daily a day?
The same happened to me earlier today. I accepted the dailies, now I have no brewfest quests at all in my quest log.
Wondering the same thing mys.elf...I was able to race the rams then I picked the one to bark the announcements in ironforge and that was more dailys...I don't have any in my quest log from yesterday so I know that's not the issue.
It isn't a glitch you can only advertise(the quest) for one of the breweries a day.
There are 3 dailys available:

There is the ram racing one.
There is the barking one which is available from 2 npcs near each other, but you can only get it from one of them (its the same quest anyway).
Then there is the defend the brewfest one, this is only available if you successfully fight off the dark iron invasion every half (or is it hourly?) hour and only stays up for about 10-15 minutes after.

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