Leveling a Panda through Pandaria

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I'm sure they would give a form of undead the chance to walk the path of harmony... But yeah, I think they would be just a *little* more mortified and unnerved if they knew your story.

Yeah Pandaren are kind of dumb when it comes to undead.

"What? You're dead? I just thought you were malnourished. Here, have a dumpring."

Rico is case in pointed. Granted, I assume they wouldn't realize a Forsaken is dead. Even with glowing eyes we aren't that out of place next to the orcs and trolls.
... You've exposed flesh and bones, the reek of rot and death, and your table manners are the antithesis of civilized society.

THAT said, while Rico, the Hozen, is NOT a good example for how the Pandaren would react to the undead, the Pandaren who originally finds Kiryn most certainly IS, and proves to be no more canny on the subject than Rico himself. So the point still stands.

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