(H) Nohgera Battalion

Emerald Dream
What does this guild offer?

Heart, more specifically leaders with patience and understanding. Guild members who are positive in their doings to better fulfill their own and others gaming experience.

Instead of specifically recruiting elite gamers who have experienced countless raiding hours, we are looking for the "diamonds in the rough". Players who do not have a personal relationship with their playing partners, but desire a guild with leaders that use positive reinforcement and patience to teach and prosper. Players who want to experience World PvP, Rated PvP, PvE Content, and any other activity that may be organized for guild functions.

So you may be asking how can i know if this is the guild for me?

  • Do you want an organized guild with direction?
  • Do you want the opportunity to progress and help new players discover their true potential?
  • Do you want understanding and positive leaders?
  • What are the requirements?

    1. We do not allow "Trolling" or Hazing to get someone to do something. Understanding and guidance is the tool we use.
    2. An Adventurous spirit to allow us to show you how we lead. and how we will eventually lead the server.

    Note: All levels, all classes, all (horde) races welcome.

    Please understand we want to know each one of our members personally. We do not recruit for the numbers. We want sincere players among our ranks, learning to fight with us in whatever battle we are called into.

    Nohgera Battalion from the bottom to the top!

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