Warlord Gurthan cannot be spawned.

Bug Report
The buffs "rune of the sun" and "rune of the earth" do not appear on your character when you enter the circles, so even if you knee/lay in them nothing happens.
Same problem with me. Cannot get him to spawn. Even after making him breakfast.
Having this happen to me; I know it was working the other day when I didn't have someone around to interact with the other circle for me; now neither of us can get either of teh runes to react to our emotes.
I have been doing this everyday for the last 3 days with not much problem. One day I had to zone out and back in 3 times before it gave me the buff and I was able to emote and start it. Today however nothing worked and was unable to summon at all.
This problem was occurring today on Moon Guard as well. I tried reloading, relogging, swapping zones back and forth, nothing. Neither myself nor my husband could get either buff on us and summon him. I've summoned him without problems the past three days, so this was frustrating.
I just attempted to summon the Warlord and it was unable to be summoned.
I had this problem today, and tried many things to 'fix' it. We had the kneel beam but not the lay one. So, what I did was stand in the circle (green) and right click the buff, which removes it. Dogs spawned so we killed them, and I simply kept gaining the buff, and removing it off my character with right click and after a few dogs had spawned, he appeared!

I hope you find this works/useful.
Do you realize that this hidden daily is ONLY enabled when that area is the quest hub for that day (if I see getting tablets being one of the dailies, I know this one is up)?

AND the last time I did this, I did my usual, kneel, start channeling and start asking for help (which at times goes for naught) and boom he appeared. My GUESS why it worked was that some previous player had channeled on the green circle, got nobody to join and split.

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