[H/A] LF Late Night/Afternoon Raiding Group

Wyrmrest Accord
Main spec disc healer with a shadow off-spec (used for questing so far).

If a guild fits the late-night 10-man raid parameter Alliance-side, I would consider paying for a faction transfer.

I work 5 days a week, usually until 11 PM server time. I don't get home until midnight most of the time. I can make earlier raid times if I have the day off, but my days off shift around from week to week (they're almost always two weekdays, however). I can also raid from about 12 PM to 3:30 PM most days.

I can play uninterrupted by real life distractions at night, however, and I'm usually available to raid until about 5 AM most nights.

Ideally, I'd like to raid 1 or 2 nights a week, then run heroics and maybe challenge dungeons and scenarios and things like that on off-nights.

I tend to be very active in guild chat, particularly when out doing professions and achievements and such. I also enjoy helping others out where I can - I have a 600 JC, 610 Enchanter, 600 alchemist, and 600 engineer, and I don't mind going out of my way a bit to help people get things they need or use cooldowns of mine.

I don't really like PuGing where possible. The atmosphere of rushing through content as fast as possible to get loot, without talking to each other or giving time to read the dungeon journal to learn fight mechanics doesn't appeal to me - the looking for raid tool doesn't do it for me for the same reason. I'm looking for a group of people I can regularly play and socialize with at the same time.

I'm very light on RP - for the most part, I don't RP on my own, but I will engage in brief RP around town if brought up to me first. I'm primarily on an RP server for the friendly atmosphere, not so much the concept. I prioritize the game before everything else, though I wouldn't mind taking my time running some dungeons to RP between encounters for a couple minutes.

I'm available to chat about any other questions - if you have a late-night 10 man raiding group, please contact me as soon as you have a moment. You can reach me on this character while I'm online or through in-game mail.

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