Sha of Hatred

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Has anyone else not been given credit for this guy for Tranquil Master?

I killed him, didn't get credit but was able to complete the quest, and now can't kill him again.
I saw someone talking about the same thing earlier. Have you tried putting in a ticket?
Waiting on one, to see what they say.
Same here. Killed it during leveling. Completed Loremater of Pandaria. But apperantly Sha of Hatred is not done in my Tranquil Master list! Submit a ticket and waiting!
I kill him while leveling sure I was not able to tag him but I kill him got the quest done but did not get meta ach for it
It happened to me as well.

I was digging through the achievements, noticed Tranquil Master and remembered I had killed the Sha of Hatred over a week ago. I ever have the completed "One Steppe Forward, Two Steppes Back" achievement to prove it.
Happened to me as well. when i tried to group with someone that was doing the quest i couldnt attack him cause he was phased. Put in a ticket and i dont think the gm understood what i said cause he said wait till next week cause the boss resets weekly

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