Revenge Stealth Nerf

Have any other tanks noticed that Revenge is suddenly doing 50% and 25% damage to the second and third targets?

This nerf had to have happened in the last two days because I know for sure that Revenge was hitting for 100% on all three targets on Friday.

Then I log on today and Revenge is suddenly going for reduced damage.

I wouldn't ask, but I can't find any information on it anywhere.
I thought it was hitting less but dunno... could be our imaginations?
Confirmed. Second mob will take 50% damage and the third mob will only take 25%! I tested it on the bookworms in The Scrollkeeper's Sanctum. Primary target takes 7500 damage, second target takes 3700, third target takes 1800.
We were already having issues with multi-target threat due to lack of true AoE, and now it looks like we might have to start worrying about small packs as well. Great work there, Blizzard.

To be fair, though, if we gemmed for avoidance we could pretty much spam Revenge which made our DPS and our cleave threat totally crazy.
Hitting less? My revenge does 100ks.....
09/30/2012 09:52 AMPosted by Infestationx
Hitting less? My revenge does 100ks.....

That's nice, but the issue here wasn't how much Revenge hits for on single targets.

To summarize, the issue is that Revenge is now only hitting for 50% and 25% to the second and third targets (while still hitting for 100% on the main target), and Blizzard failed to let us know that this change was going to happen before they "fixed" Revenge.
gotta love blizz
My AoE threat has been a little low as of late
i still top meters on aoe pulls lol

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