The huge flaw with Golden Lotus Rep

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The problem with the Golden Lotus Rep is that it's a huge step backward in development in terms of daily content. It's very "burning crusade" era. I get that some people enjoy that, but the fact that two other reps are gated behind golden lotus is silly. Especially since the golden lotus dailies themselves are terribly boring. The reason other reps like tillers, anglers, and whatnot are fun is because they don't -feel- like daily grinds. They feel like just doing fun things and getting rep as a result of it. The golden lotus dailies are pretty generic "go here and kill 12 of these for 100 rep." which is just, bleh.

The least they could have done was let us get rep up to revered for golden lotus in the Mogu dungeons. That way we could unlock the shado-pan and august celestials and still need to do the dailies for the golden lotus to get the exalted rewards. But it would be a much shorter and more reasonable grind.

I'm barely into friendly with the golden lotus and I've been doing -all- their quests daily. Let me just say I already did my token quest for the week and have almost enough to turn in again next week. That's how many dailies I've been doing. It doesn't feel fun, but I know I have to do it because those tailoring patterns aren't going to unlock themselves. Urgh.

If they wanted to keep the traditional TBC era rep grind dailies in game, the Klaxxi dailies fill that role up very well on their own.

IDK. Out of the entire expansion the handling of the golden lotus rep was one of the main negatives for me. But I'll deal because everything else is amazing.

Agree with everything in here. The rep grinds aren't a problem, bottlenecking two other (important) daily hubs into golden lotus is.
Simple fix: Make dailies doable 7x a week in a day. Like Cata dungeons, you could get your bonus 7 times in a single day then take a break for the rest of the week.
I don't understand the argument from those claiming that they like the new system because they made things to easy, and it should feel like you accomplished something. And this is how it used to be. Really? I do not recall running the same daily quests over and over on the original to accomplish anything. I recall instance porogression (like attunment of Onyxia - which was far more original than dailies) and raids, which hopefully will be the same. But now it is become doing the same repetetive quests to get your crafting skills and such. I'd rather they scrap so many dailies and let you do more quests in each zone to get a higher level of rep than the drudge of dailies = zzzzzzzzz. Maybe some people like doing the same quests over and over, but being we have all done like a thousand quests to get to level 90, I think the last thing I need is a months of the same. I find dailys a chore and that is not what I look for in my entertainment. If I wanted chores, I'd play the SIMS

How about this Blizzard? If people got thru stuff to fast, then add more instances and raids to keep the challenge up. The daily approach is lazy, and unimaginative. The vibe I get from my guild mates in vent is, 'sigh' I suppose I should do dailys for gear that will obsolte in several months.

Meanwhile maybe I am missing something, but seems like I did most quests and for some reason Klaxxi seems to be decently ahead in rep than the Golden Lotus Eaters (ZZZZ). If that is the case, I am not sure how that is fair.

I find pvp more intriguing at this point, At least my opponent will do something surprising rather than go kill 12 of these and a gazillion of these for 8 drops. Yippy
I think the argument is that you don't need to be exalted with every faction to start raiding. You can gear up with heroics, scenarios, and LFR instead. Yes, some BiS gear is purchased, but no one will have access to Shadow-pan/Celestial gear for a while yet. People are bound to start clearing raid bosses before that gear becomes available.

So, if you can only play one day a week, focus on dungeons and only do dailies if you enjoy them.
At this point, I'd rather farm for skyshards than do dailies for the Golden Lotus. At least I'd get somewhere faster with them.

Seriously Blizzard 110 rep per daily. At least up the amount to make it less painless.
One aspect of this daily system is just starting to rear its ugly face and that is not enough mobs, quest items, etc. to people doing quests and it is only going to get worse as more people hit 90 and these areas are flooded even more. This is not a issue for everyone but those of us in higher pop servers are starting to feel this.
I would like to agree entirely that this is not right. I think it should be that dungeons or tabards would work until maybe the end of honored and have to do dailies to get to exalted (which would still be a hike!). This is rediculous, spend like a month+ on one rep to open's like makign August Celestials require DOUBLE the rep at half the rep as rewards. The ONLY way I would see this as okay, is if Reps for Pandaria were account wide (I mean, I'm not leveling ANYTHING ELSE because of the torture it would be just to be able to do heroics on another toon). FIX IT!

10/04/2012 07:40 AMPosted by Lenais
Seriously Blizzard 110 rep per daily. At least up the amount to make it less painless
09/30/2012 11:11 PMPosted by Nixx
Problem with Golden Lotus is that it takes freaking forever just to hit Honored.

Agreed...I am 3 weeks into doing these dailys, which I have done 21 times in a row and I am half way to revered.

I am thinking seriously of not leveling any of my other 85's if I have to do this grind on every one of them.

Blizzard, please bring back Tabards as an alternative.

thank you

TL;DR: Blizzard needs to implement a "fast-track" method of farming reputation with MoP factions because the current system is massively flawed and only works in favor of a person who can play on a daily basis.

Translation to the above:

I want it now. I deserve everything now. I should get it all with out doing a damn thing myself.

Translation to the above:

I am a elitist player/troll with nothing constructive to add to a thread
It would be nice if they had a tabard that we couldn't get access to until we hit honored, since it takes so long to hit honored. We would still have to 'grind' dailies out to get the tabard, but then we would have the option of dailies and dungeon farming to grind out the rest of the rep. Plus we wouldn't be so overloaded with lesser charms, which we are now because dailies are currently the only way to get Golden Lotus rep and the most reliable way to get other reps.

...or let us do something else constructive with our manly stacks of lesser charms -.-
As a raider, I complete GL dailies, becasue which time you hit honored and friendly. It opens a new set of dailies.
You also forgot the fact that someone who is busy with school, or a very busy father should probably manage their time better. I am sure they could think of better things to do than play a game. If they don't have time for that isn't the games fault.

Also, please do not bring back tabards Blizz. People need to work for the gear and rep.
On the other side... The dailies for Golden Lotus have never failed me to get a different combination of dailies, still yet.
I feel like I've seen this exact same post many times....
As it stands, the only method I know of earning reputation with Golden Lotus and then Shado-Pan/AC is doing the daily quests at level 90. There is no "fast-track" method of farming rep, and there is a massive problem with that. Here's why:

Player A and Player B play the exact same amount of WoW each week, but they are partition their time differently. Player A is in high-school and can can play 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. In her time, she's able to do the Golden Lotus dailies 5x per week. Player B is a busy father, he can only play for 5 hours on an early Saturday morning. In his time, he's only able to do the Golden Lotus dailies 1x per week. Despite each player playing the exact same amount of time per week, Player A is rewarded with being able to farm Golden Lotus reputation 5x faster than Player B. Why is player B so harshly punished?

In Cataclysm, you had the choice of putting on a tabard and running dungeons or doing the daily quests from the factions, or a combination of both. In the Cataclysm world, Player A and Player B would theoretically be rewarded with hitting exalted at roughly the same time because they played the same amount of time per week. The beauty of the old system was that it was two paths to the same outcome.

My primary concern is that as more and more people hit 90, some are going to be rewarded with the ability to purchase their 489 gear much more quickly than others simply because of the forced method of farming reputation on a daily basis. I now feel like if I don't do my dailies every day, then I'm going to fall a day behind my guild. There's no way to "catch up." If you miss a day that's a day's worth of reputation that you'll never get back. If I have a busy week of homework and exams and can't login, then when I finally get some down time on a Sunday morning, I'm now 6 days behind and I might cause a lag when my guild starts raiding.

I understand that players in Cataclysm would race through content and then complain about having nothing to do. To be totally honest, I think that those individuals represent a minority. I'd like a system of being able to "catch-up" if I'm unable to login one day. I don't want to feel like I need to ensure I hit a daily cap so that I don't fall behind. We need multiple ways to earn the same rewards when it comes to faction rep.

TL;DR: Blizzard needs to implement a "fast-track" method of farming reputation with MoP factions because the current system is massively flawed and only works in favor of a person who can play on a daily basis.

NTY, blizzard should not break for lazy people that want to sit in town and do heroics for 5 hrs a day
The guy stated that he can only play for 5 hours on the weekend (or something to that extent). He is taking responsibility. But compared to someone that is able to spend 5 hours in the week (1 hour per day), they are investing the same amount of time as he is, but netting a better result/more progress. Not saying that he should be able to progress at the same rate as someone that can put in 2-3 hours per day, 7 days a week, but that if he puts in 5, he should get similar progress to some other person that is only putting in 5.

I dunno how I feel about that, or how it could be resolved really. Even a tabard doesn't fix that.
I see the points made by people who favor the recent system of obtaining reputation.
As for myself, I admit I had the most fun with WoW when it worked just exactly as it did in Burning Crusade.
Back then, the game felt the most like as a player you had 3 choices to progress through the game for yourself decently by choosing one of 3 offered ways..
You could focus on PVP, that came to a certain price, which was you were short on money.
Money was not as vastly available back than, as it is today. And if you were going the PVP route, you had money issues.
You could also focus on dungeons until geared for raids. If you did that, you were likely behind on PVP, and other things like profession progress (with the exception of JC).
And the third way was to go purposely after the faction reputations in the game. To put all the time into it for the ultimate goal of gaining the rep, and get all the sweet rewards. Sweet as in profession recipes etc.
This resulted in players who never really raided, never really PVP'd were still sought by the other two groups for their juicy enchants etc.
Reputation didn't fly in just like that. it rather trickled in, and I believe that's how it actually should be. If that's not the case, might as well just hand the things out for "free" because it defeats the purpose of faction reputation.
So I am completely happy with the way it works right now.
What I do have an issue with, and quite a big problem is how there are always a few people who are/were able to trick (exploit) the system. When people are able to use a bugged item to blanket boost rep across multiple factions(hozen pipe), and to camp farm a rare spawn, which doesn't spawn so seldom that one could call it rare at all anymore, for unfair advantage over others, then the system breaks.
It is discouraging if you - who plays the game the honest way - get "punished", by falling behind just for playing by the rules.
Giving an example..
Some players were able to breach into the Shado-Pan reputation so soon, that they are able for many days already to offer the gated bracer enchants. They did not only "cheat", they cash in on the rewards for doing so, making tens of thousands every day on said enchants.

So I don't advocate the reversing of how Rep should get accumulated, I however advocate to eliminate short cuts and possibly remove rep gains that weren't intended. I would not have a problem with seeing a cheater getting their reputation cut back to the start of honored, so they have to start all over again on the grind to revered. That ought to teach them to rather report a broken mechanic, than exploiting it.
To better understand this situation you can imagine two people picking apples.

Player A picks apples everyday and earns a high pay grade for their work.
Player B picks apples once a week and as a result earns a lower pay grade because all the good apples are already picked.

They both invest the same amount of time, but one is rewarded more.

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