An Ebon Tide (A Plague-Outbreak Styled Event)

Moon Guard
OOC Information

This roleplaying event is centered around the idea of giving some excitement and realism to Stormwind City roleplaying. The entire plot-line is centered around the Raihne Brothers and their devilish scheme to turn a profit via infecting the population of Stormwind with Plague to then turn around and wait a few days before selling a pre-outbreak made vaccine that they ‘came up with just in the nick of time’ and sell it out to the infected and uninfected residents of Stormwind. We’re hoping to use this event to help give our new cultist-oriented guild, “House of Raihne” a little popularity. If you would like your guild and/or want to participate in this event just drop me an in-game mail and we can talk. As for a date and location set I plan to hold an out-of-character meeting with the participating guilds on 10/6/12 on when the outbreak will happen, how long the event will go on, and where the outbreak is centered in Stormwind.

How it happened.

The two brothers clad in black approached the warehouse, green vials in hand as they sifted through the crates and poured drops of the foul gunk into the crates of food. Khaldas Raihne glanced back at his brother and spoke, “Brother, are you sure we won’t be caught?” his brother answered swiftly in a low tone of voice, “We surely will if you don’t keep your big mouth closed during this ordeal.” Khaldas went back to Plaguing the crates of food for a few minutes before clasping his hands together and tapping his brother on the shoulder, “I have finished Plaguing the food. We should move to the water supply now and then some of the shanties in Old Town.”

Barrauster Raihne strode towards the large lake high above Stormwind that fed into the canals and ultimately the entire city and took a large canister from his robe and smiled smugly, his thoughts being something along the lines of, “Well my brother won’t be Plaguing the water-supply. I have obviously done the biggest and most important role,” as he unscrewed the top of the canister and poured it out into the lake. The Plague quickly spreading through and turning it a dark green color. Barrauster Riahne muttered in a groggy tone of voice, “This should be delightful, more corpses.”

Khaldas muttered something about “always getting the hard job” as he shuffled towards a group of tents, Plague canister in hand as he neared the first tent and slowly pulled back the flap, peering inside he found a sleeping man. Khaldas then unscrewed the Plague canister and drew a needle from his robe, placing it in the canister he drew enough to fill up the five-inch-long needle and stuck it in the sleeping man’s arm, injecting the Plague directly in. The man’s veins would glow for a few minutes before he picked up the canister and repeated this with the residents of the other six tents.

What is the Plague?

The Plague used by Khaldas Raihne is a diluted Tuphoria which would in a day’s time wear down a person to the condition of being unable to walk their muscles and flesh already being consumed. This effect would also hinder mental abilities, usually making them go insane at a rapid pace. There is no immunity and only one cure. In a rare case a person can survive diluted Tuphoria for a week depending on the dosage of Tuphoria taken in.

Participating Guilds.

Clergy of the Holy Light
The Caravan of Fortune
Coalition of Blood
I just want to make note that if you do not want to have your character infected you do not have to play your character infected. I know a lot of people hate to have thier character zombiefied and/or bed-bound. Also, please don't turn this into a "Let's kill all the sick people I hate" event. Any combat will be ignored.
Lovely idea. We will perhaps participate.
These plague outbreak events never really last...

Well...good luck I guess?
Thanks for that, Bjorn, it's not really meant to last longer than a few days anyways. And Joffery, if you would send me an in-game mail or tell if you want to participate and we can work out what you want your guild to play out and do in this event.
I'll be there at the discussion event! Definitely interested in this.

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