Is Shadow a complete flop?

Honor was maxed at 85 of course.
10/01/2012 09:52 AMPosted by Alocin
I never trust simcraft rankings, no one should ever trust simcraft rankings. Blizzard doesn't do their class balancing based on what simcraft rankings say. So any raider out there shouldn't be trying to gauge what their class can do based on what simcraft rankings say either.

What Blizzard not doing their balancing based on SimulationCraft rankings means is that you shouldn't be using it to predict future class changes. There's no reason it shouldn't give an accurate idea of how much DPS you currently can do.
I can hold 60-70k dps but only because I mindflay 1 tic, get easy 4k int trinket proc on alch stone, use my other 4.2k int trinket and maybe an int potion for a 8-13kish Int boost then unload devouring, fiend then start rotation.

Heroic fights go so quick that this early peak doesn't get a chance to plateau out making us look better then we really are.

Aoe? Hopefully you have Twist of fate from previous pull, pop trinket and halo and hope again things die fast enough for your overall contribution to not be garbage.

I dunno, its a very unexciting spec at best and painfully slow / weak at worst.

It is early atm so it is too early to predict doom and gloom and with so many bads mixed into the fray it is too early to blanket statement anything.
09/30/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Mikrodot
i always feel over powered no matter what i do.


Also, i need help in picking my next class :P i have an 85 of every caster, what do you guys think is fun, strong, excellent pvp'er and pve'er?

Since you want a strong caster pvp'r go with mage they have always been near the top and always will be
Shadow is really really strong if you fully utilize your toolkit. I have been que'ing as a healer and just running the heroics as shadow and keeping people topped off as well as doing mad dps. It's all what you want to make it.

If you are going to try shadow healing I highly recommend you telling your group that you are doing it before you start however. :)

In PvP, we get completely destroyed by every single melee and can't really do anything about it, but so do other casters.

you're clearly doin' it wrong. warriors are a !@#$%. but manageable.
Im not sure how you guys are pullign !@#$ dps, even in AoE.

Multi Dot, Halo/Cascade, single target burst gets me to about 60-80k dps on mob packs of 3-4

Single target fights i stay steady at 35-45k and burst to 50-60k

and dont related these numbers to DS, since you get damage buffs in there.

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