Ancient Gou-Lai Cache

Curious as to whether or not this is just simply not implemented yet. I've been obtaining keys and they are to be used in the Gou Lai halls, however the vault is blocked off by a door.

Is it intended to be opened in the coming week? Or are these keys useless and have just not been removed from the game.
same problem
The door opens via a quest that you unlock with higher Golden Lotus rep, will just have to be patient & rage at the keys taking up precious bag space in the mean time.
there are chest through out the hall, they spawn in the same places, i had multiple keys and just went to the same couple of spots and opened a chest every time. however on this time in, i noticed all the doors in the halls where open. i went to the vaults and there where several orbs i deactivated along the way, and now im at a dead end and there is a wierd orb on a platform in front of me. if anyone knows anything about this room let me know
The chests have been hot-patched so that they don't just appear in the treasure room but at multiple spots in the Gou-Lai halls.

I went in last night and found two chests within minutes of each other. One was on the landing as you walk in and turn right and the other was in the spider boss room.

Don't forget to stay absolutely still when opening them until you have grabbed everything in the chest otherwise you waste a key.

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