[A]10M DAYTIME 7/16H LF Tank

Guild Recruitment
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G'night bump >_>

Need our very own tank, not some standin while we're looking for one!
Morning people!

No tanks out there?!
Back up you go!
I'm liking the raiding so far, its more of a challenge again.

Now we just need a new tank !
Morning guys! (Well its morning where i am)

Still missing that one solid players :(
Which realm are you planning to transfer?
Sargeras I believe is the plan, a good active mid-high pop with a favorable faction balance :P
Morning to you all!
I think it's still classed as morning for most of the US!
Better get this back up! Dat elegon fight, fun times.
I hate grinding out dailies :-( It makes me sad.
A new tank would possibly cheer me up!
A new a lot of things would cheer me up! :o

Always on the lookout for skilled daytimers!
Still on the lookout for skilled raiders. One of our dps is MIA since MoP started.
We're looking for a tank, again. Our current one hasn't seemed to work out for us :-(
Good morning people! Any tanks out there?!
Still looking ....
A DK tank would be super nice!
Need a tank, any tank, just a tank!
No tanks out there?!
Still in need of a decent tank.

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