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Hello, and with the recent influx of people, or rather Cross-Realm-Zones artificially inflating the population for both of them being locked I have to ask. Is there any other roleplay server out there? If so, may I also continue with which side should I choose? I'd like to continue my roleplay, and I just hope it hasn't been afflicted with Cross Realm Zones as it's horrible.

MG and WrA may be the most populated rp realms, but they are not the only ones out there
I would enjoy it if I heard it from people as I don't wish to go through a search and the best things heard about realms, and specifically RP in the realms, are heard from their mouth.
That's true, but there are such things as realm forums, go through that list and visit the realm forums for all the rp and rp-pvp servers listed and have a read, see which ones you would like to check out for yourself. We can't do the work for you and what I might like in a server may not be what Tom down the road likes.
Indeed, but I am looking for a general community of Roleplayers, am adaptable and not picky, I am not asking for people to do the work for me but for people to actually say "Hey, i'm from realm ____. We actually have a RP community up here!" instead of nit-picking as this is RP General and where most RP'ers could congregate and has the best ability to be seen instead of a realm-specific forum.
Give Cenarion Circle a look-see perhaps.

It's more alliance dominant than horde, but there's plenty of good folks in both factions. Your best bet would be to drop in the allianceooc and hordeooc channels in the respective factions and ask around.

It's not the most active RP server out there, and there's not much walkup RP that I can find, but there's a lot of guilds and several weekly events and such.
Cenarion Circle is pretty cool. /join allianceooc or /join hordeooc. Tell them you're new. Check out this post from their realm forums: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6201710506 and they've got a website. http://cenarioncircle.org/ It's a very nice community. RP is mostly done in guilds and server-wide events. They say there's random rp in taverns, but you really shouldn't bet on it. However, asking for rp in the channel has never not worked for me.

Another good realm to check out is Earthen Ring. /join forthealliance or /join forthehorde. Introduce yourself. Being on their website is pretty much mandatory for finding RP. It's at http://earthenring.net/ This is another community that's largely guild based and event based. There is a little bit of random rp going on in taverns. Not a lot, but it's there. I found it a little more difficult to break into the rp scene there than CC, but it's still a very nice realm.

A little something put together with help from the Cenarion Circle RP Community.
Sisters of Elune is nice. Most of the time.
While I do like WRA. Cenarion Circle is a great rp server Iad a gnome warrior and RPstumbled into a murder mystery good times. Sadly kinda lost my motivation to play her otherwise it's a great server. Thorium Brotherhood has decent RP from time to time I think every tues and thurs evening in Ratchet some tavern RP still does on there (kinda need to rep grind back to neutral in my case due to bloodsail title). Nonetheless what little RP goes on there namely horde side is a pretty swell community.
Shadow Council is worth a looksy.
CRZ should be a good thing for RP.

In fact, we should all really be organizing CRZ RP hot spots, like outside the gates of Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

This should be a role playing paradise to concentrate all role players together.

We need a CRZ RP forum I think for coordinating. We should also get the option for CRZ friend's lists other than REAL ID so people don't feel they're giving up privacy.
If you like PVP in your RP, then check out Emerald Dream.

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