Druid DPS and Gear

So these are the stats of my feral druid, wondering do my stats seem low and what I can do to improve them. Also where can I get better Gear, I Dungeon all day but don't find much of anything.

I would like to become a better wow Player also I Pefer PVP over PvE

Well, for one, you don't need to link screenshots. We can just click on your portrait and get all that information and more.

Second, if you want to do PvP at lvl 73, you are definitely wearing the wrong gear - pretty much everyone who enjoys PvP wears full Brutal Gladiator gear at that level. (Lvl 70 arena gear, you can get it for ~150 Honor per piece in Stormwind.) Those who take low level PvP serious will even gem it with epic WotLK gems, but that might be a bit expensive for something that only lasts a few levels (definitely fun while it lasts though...)

And even for PvE ... the Brutal gear is iLvl 159, so it's better than everything you are wearing, except for the heirloom items.
I'm dying to know why you haven't made the jump to Window 7 !?!?!

XP is old ya know lol.

I am about to level my druid which is 83 and Ptarr gave you a good idea of where to start. Plus icy veins, noxxic, elitist jerks, ask mr robot, can all give you pointers on how to play your class and general advice.

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