I need help with reforging as a ret.

Im not sure what to reforge into.. do i reforge crit into haste or mastery into haste? What exactly are the stat priorities?
We are talking pvp btw.
reforge both into haste where possible, its flatout better than both crit and mastery (although I still put mastery over crit).

Obviously don't reforge either into haste until you're hit capped though
so i should put mastery over crit when reforging either or into haste?
Personally I would tell you to reforge haste into mastery and keep crit. Assuming you are both hit and expertise capped, if you aren't try to get both of those asap.

I know everyone is going off about haste, but I've seen my dps go DOWN quite a bit when I switched to haste gear. Mastery is still better, for me at least, because I use holy avenger.
Mys, please do not give advice. You clearly do not know what you are talking about.
haste would be the best stat having lower CD is great for both pvp and pve and faster AS which would give more art of war procs in a shorter amount of time.
but like the above said make sure you are hit cap first.
10/01/2012 08:35 PMPosted by Mudkìp
Mys, please do not give advice. You clearly do not know what you are talking about.

Because PVP is all about the math, and haste gives higher DPS? I've heard a LOT of people reporting success with crit/mastery in PVP. Douchey comments like yours are neither wanted nor welcomed, especially when a guy prefaces his comment with "Personally...". In short, don't be a !@#$%^-, and try to actually contribute to a conversation.
A thought on PVP and haste and all that.

Haste is great when you're sitting at a target hitting GCD after GCD, a raid boss for example. However in pvp you end up running around being in and out of range and often having to wait to smash that huntard you've been chasing with your TV until you can finally catch the little bugger. Given that setting, the most powerful TV you can pull off is probably more important than a 20% shorter GCD. There is no way you can run a sim crazy battle ground action, I think you'd need to just test things out but my plan with pvp gear is to test a haste build, a mastery build and a crit build and see what seems to be move successful.

problem solved.
Mystry actually brings up a good point. Remember in Cataclysm even after mastery became the best stat for ret from a pure dps perspective, most (or at least many) preferred crit in pvp because crit gave more potential burst (and mastery relied more on Inquisition), but also was better for the heals which mastery didn't help with.

Haste can make you generate holy power faster and judge more often, so it can at least be considered in the discussion about helping out your healing. But still, pvp isn't a perfect world where you can just stand there going through your priorities as the other player just takes it.

Personally, I will probably stick with haste for pvp just because I like how it feels with regards to lowering the cd on HP generators, but there's arguments to be made of why one might prefer something else for pvp. PvP isn't just based on doing the best dps you can do, there are trade-offs to be made here and there.

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