Black market auction house: misleading UI

Bug Report
Whoever designed the "Hot Item!" user interface for the Black Market Auction House needs immediate firing.

Unless, of course, it was your intent to design an interface that misleads players to bid on items they don't want.

The problem is that there are two Bid buttons, and only one that allows entering a bid amount.

Common sense would suggest that, if you select an item on the left, then enter a bid amount, then click Bid, you would be bidding on that item.

What happens instead is, you spend 20k or more bidding on the "Hot Item", instead.

This needs fixing.
Agree, the whole thing has a bumbling UI obviously thought out by someone with no formal training in UI design.
I also agree.
I agree with this wholeheartedly. Today I put 15k towards a common item that I already owned due to this wonky user interface.

Even got reported as bug. Hopefully they'd change the design a bit.

Lost 10k on a pet that could be bought for some glowcap (10 minutes farming)
I agree with this. Just now figured out it wasn't an addon screwing it up. It was the designers of it.

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