Daily Quest 'The Moving Mist'doesn't give rep

Bug Report
Here is a screenshot of me turning in the quest, and not receiving any rep. I was with a friend and asked him afterwards if he didn't receive rep either, and he said that he didn't.

any recognition that your going to fix this?
I have also completed this quest without receiving any reputation for it. I'd like to get this fixed Asap
Still not giving rep. I think I've turned this two days in a row now, and a handful of times before that... that's potentially a lot of reputation I've just not gotten with Golden Lotus.

EDIT: 10/13/12, was the daily again today, still no rep. I know it's just 110 rep but n the grand scheme of Golden Lotus rep that is A LOT of rep not to be getting.
It is now 4 months since this problem was brought to blizzards attention and it still hasn't been fixed. Come on guys, do you only fix problems that benefit players? No excuse for this to go on this long.

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