Enchanting Up-/Downgrade?

Okay, so I read on the WoW main site (although I can't seem to find the link in my history) that enchanting dust and essences can be up-/downgraded for uses in leveling and selling lowbie enchants. However, it did not explain HOW. I didn't find anything else on the web, on the forums, or in-game. So... is this in or not?
Its just a recipe from the trainer like everything else. 5 dust makes 1 essence etc.
I've not seen it in my enchanting or on the trainer. What's the recipe called?

And I'm not referring to the shard breaking spells.
Okay. Found the post I read this information from.

they are called:

Mysterious Essence - turns 5 dust into 1 mysterious essence
Ethereal Shard - 5 essence into 1 shard
Sha Crystal - 5 shards into 1 crystal (1day CD)

Sha Shatter - 1 crystal into 2 shards
Ethereal Shatter - 1 shard into 3 essence
Mysterious Diffusion - 1 essence into 3 dust
correct, its basically the solution to a problem(if you could call it that) in cata where dust was worth essentially nothing and essences were 100g+
(Damn WoW Mobile Armory screwing with my forum avatars.)

Well, makes sense. Maybe some time in the future they'll do that for the lower level dusts and shards.

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