what DPS are you guys pulling?

I've found that in heroics and the one challenge mode I've done I can only pull around 30k with burst at 40k and AOE 40-70k, which, as my friends keep reminding me, is quite terrible, anyone else getting this low? (simcraft is telling me I should be hitting around 29k)
45k or so sustained normally. At 445 ilvl.
That's about right considering your gear.

Do the Arena scenario for a free 450 weapon.

^ Weapons make a HUGE difference - at least for Combat.

E: Wait, how is 30k "right" for his gear, when I'm almost identical in ilvl and do 50% more?
I'll work on getting some better weapons :) thanks for the responses
I've maxed at about 80k with all CDs poped on boss fights. Usually about around 50-60k
I'm around 52k. Need better Weps and My poor H. DS ilvl 410 Boots :(
I am doing around 35k but NOT HIT CAPPED and which blows because it is important to reach hit capped for Assassination.
35 to 45 as sub
45kish for combat right now, though I am planning to go back to assassination once I actually log on today.
i was hitting about 50 k as sub, i got some new gear and tweaked my rotation a bit
As you can see im not 90 but I have been pulling 32-37k on five mans, cant wait for level 90 and some good gear, but combat has been great so far.
10/01/2012 09:15 AMPosted by Weme
I've maxed at about 80k with all CDs poped on boss fights. Usually about around 50-60k
A quick look at last night's best DPS performances from the newly opened Mogu'shan Vaults raid shows rogues representing pretty well. On WoL, Combat appears pretty dominant on fight numero uno (Stone Guard) thanks to the cleave, and about 5% to 10% of the top 100 players for the next three bosses are rogues (usually Assassination, with a few Combat mixed in) -- a percentage that's pretty similar to our overall class representation in the game.

Top parses are rarely a good way to measure the health of a spec or a class. But given that this first week is entirely about progression and not about padding meters, it's as good a time as any to use it as a very rough, isolated gauge of where top-performing rogues in top-progression guilds are relative to other top-performing classes. And it suggests that, just as we were at the start of Cata, we may be at about the middle of the pack in terms of overall performance, with Combat continuing to really shine on cleave fights.
So, I'm guessing we will hit 100k dps this xpack, what do you guys think?
Sustained single target i do about 55-60k
Depending on fight mechanics, duration, and which buffs I'm getting anywhere from 42-60k

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