Best Healers for RBGs?

Whats going to be the best Healer comp for RBGs??
I have to think Holy Paladins will be one of the best RBG classes. They already were great healers in group PVP and now they have multiple uses of key cooldowns like HoP, Freedom and Sacrifice. They also were given an AoE blind and a great new 15 sec CD on repentance. With increased mounted speed they also travel between PoIs just that little bit faster.

As for comps, very early to tell. I think it depends on the BG in question. A pally/priest combo will be fantastic in capture the flag BGs with multiple use freedom tied in with the priest's 2nd tier talents and Leap of Faith.

In contrast, shammy/druid combos are great control in something like Strand. You have the shaman's ability to mass root or root on very short CD with FS as well as slowing totems. The druid has the best no-CD CC with Cyclone and can also root on demand. Both have great travel forms to break free or counter slowing effects as well.

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