Pet Battle Appreciation!

Pet Battles
I thoroughly love the pet battle system. Yeah, it's kinda basic right now. So what? As a Pokemon fan since I was in middle school (sidenote: Top 7 in Pokemon VG Nationals in 2009), I adore the concept of Blizzard putting the option for this into the game. Well done, Blizzard!

Ultimately, the big question(s) lingering in my mind are this:
- What's next for pet battles? More tamers to fight? More pets? Rare pets that spawn in the way the TLPD or other rares spawn?

Again, I love the pet battle system. It made me squee with joy, ragefight my PC when I first lost to the mecha-wielding goblin in Barrens, get super excited when I could tame certain things (Clefthoof, Fel Flame, and Scourgling Dragonkin are among them), and I've only really just breached the surface of what we already have, because next up, Zookeeper Krazen!

Here's to you, fellow pet battlers. Enjoy and have fun!

Here's to you, Blizzard. I love you. <33333

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