Inventory and buff addons

UI and Macro
Looking for possible replacements / upgrades to bankitems and satrina buff frames

I love bankitems for the simple functionality but it doesn't track void storage and isn't good with multiple guild banks. I'd like something that allows me to link from an alt's inventory on occasion if possible but that's not a huge concern.

I absolutely adore satrina buff frames, best buff addon out there but it's been only half supported since 3.4. While it limped along OK through Cata I'm looking again to see if anyone has a currently supported replacement that nears it in power. Currently I have about 6 bars tracking everything from procs and cooldown buffs to my debuffs on the target (I also play an aff-lock) and random bits of "I want this buff in the same place all the time so I can watch it" kind of stuff.

Any ideas would be great, though keeping overhead low for my not quite powerful enough laptop is preferable.
Alternative to BankItems would be BagSync and BankGUI. Also UberInventory, Altoholic and so on.

For SBF replacement I'd try Raven.

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