Does anyone have Power Auras up and working?

UI and Macro
I'm a very sad panda who misses power auras and I've looked for updates to it every since 5.04 release and I still can't find a way to get it working, does anyone have this addon up and working, if so then how?

My problem is that when I type /powa nothing happens.
From the Curse page:
The official 5.0 release will be ready in a couple of weeks time for general testing.

They include a link to a band-aided version:
That version doesn't work for me either
try weak auras addon it is not bad and works 5.0
10/02/2012 09:40 AMPosted by Shenannigen
That version doesn't work for me either

The version I have, which I'm pretty sure I downloaded off of Curse, has been working for me for quite awhile now. An older screenshot from the prepatch on my Shaman:

I'm 90% sure that it's the one directly downloaded from the Curse page (, though I can upload a .rar of my version, if you'd like me to.
The version Isesé is using is the same version I am using. That version isn't actually available for download anymore. It was briefly available for download from the official Power Auras link (actually tagged as updated for 5.0.4) on Curse, but was then taken down right before MoP released.

After that, the fan update to the old Cata version of Power Auras was put up while waiting for a new official update.

Since the "new" version I downloaded before works enough for my needs, I chose to hold onto it until the official update is released. There are some bugs with it, but I really like the new interface they are switching to.
10/03/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Wenaeleyn
That version isn't actually available for download anymore.
Hmh... well, in that case: This should be the version you are referring to, in case anyone would like to try it out. It's a little buggy, and sometimes requires you to reload your user interface to edit your PowerAuras, but it works reasonably well. Purge PowerAuras take a little bit to actually get working, and you cannot copy auras, but you can parent auras, so I guess it's a fair trade for now.

You can also not export or import with ease. You may be able to edit the saved variables to add in new auras to a specific profile (they're linked in the shared saved variables, as far as I can tell, and you can access different sets of auras regardless of character), but it's far from neat.
Weak Auras is up and working, and Sunnier posted all of his Brewmaster load ins if you're interested.
I recently downloaded the patched version of Power Auras, and it's 99% working for me. The beta version of the new Power Auras was super buggy for me and I don't like the new UI, mostly because it didn't seem to have a way to show all your auras together.

Here is the page for the patched Power Auras Classic:

Looks like they are on version 4.3.8, I think mine is 4.3.7.
I can't get the /powa to bring up the interface so I can't use it. I have tried deleting the folder and re-installing but it is still not working. Anyone know how to get the /powa working again?
Get the latest version off of wowinterface. It should have this solved.

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