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I hit 90! My item level is 330. I need 440 to do heroics.I,ve done all of the quest from 1 end to the other,I was in the top gear dungeons all day and night since the exspansion.Yesterday,no caster gear for me every single time .Is there something I,m missing? Why did my item level end up so low and how can I get to 440? Ty for any help!
Well your armory seems to be bugged showing you missing several gear slots, though it is showing an average item level of 401. You need to make sure you're not missing any gear slots or that you have no heirlooms (they don't help from 86-90 anyway).
You very obviously have not done all the quests available in MoP, you have all of one achievement under quests in MoP.
Quite a few of the quest chains out in Dread Wastes give 450 IL rare gear. You can also buy/use PvP gear for dungeons, as they give two secondary stats now (which put them on par with regular gear).

I'd go back and quest a bit (should also be able to get atleast one piece of 450 gear (bracers)from Klaxxi in Dread Wastes if you do the quest chains) and it should work out for you easily enough.
The simplest thing is to just buy enough of the crafted PVP set to push you over the cap. It's iL 450 and is decent enough quality for heroics. It's dumb that this is the right answer (or at least the quickest) but there it is.

Blizzard, 440 seem pretty arbitrary considering how easy heroics are. I think it could have been 430 and no one would have noticed. Either way there should have been a better transition from normal instancing to heroics in terms of item level requirement. And why do the quests in heroic only instances reward 440 items when the bosses drop 463? Why are JP rewards only 450 for that matter? And a lot of blue quest rewards in later zones are under 440. It's really all over the place. :/
Think of Dreadwastes as Twilight Highlands. Completing a good portion of the zone (accessible at 87 supposedly) should get you 437-450 blues.

If you want to avoid PvP gaming, you can buy crafted 450 (?) rings from JC, and killing Corin Direbrew should net you a few 470 trinkets.
Ty!I saw the pvp gear in the Ah.I have 4k honor but the new pvp gear isn,t out yet.I was really ready for Heroics today after grinding to 90.
Thanks again! I took some tips from you all.I got the trinket from Coren DireBrew,I got crafted neck and ring.I did find more quests in Dread Waste which is giving higher item level gear.I went from 429 to 437 today.I still have more questing.
10/01/2012 01:58 PMPosted by Firesign
.I have 4k honor but the new pvp gear isn,t out yet.
It should be out today as soon as the servers are back up.

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