Ban'thalos help (Quests and such)

Hello guys, I have gotten to the point that I am trying to get the rest of the spirit beasts that I need and next on my list is Ban'thalos. I learned that you need to be in a specific phase of Mount Hyjal in order to be able to see him so I ask, what is the quest chain to do so that I can start looking for him, thanks a lot guys! ^_^
He only shows up once you have bassicly unlocked the molten front, you should have a quest I think in the org meeting board called call of the ancients, complete that and you should get railroaded into the remaining quests, once the first daily pops up hes gonna be flying around right above all those quest givers.
There is no way to outphase him, so don't worry about that, but to actually make him and every other 4.2 challenge pet appear, you have to bassicly clear the entirety of mount hyjal with a few choice exceptions.

That's the quest your looking for, you manage to complete that, the bird is yours.
do you have to continuously do the dailies in hyjal or once you have dailies you don't have to and you will be able to see ban'thalos
You have to do the hyjal dailys untill you unlock and are able to enter the molten front, then and only then will you be able to see banthalos, magria, and ankha, or enter the molten front to tame the fire spiders, skar, and the fire crab.
I only did enough quests to open the MF dailies. I was able to get Ban'thalos, Magria and Ankha. I haven't looked for the spiders or crab.

I did not do any more quests, so I had to corpse-drag myself through the wall of flames to get to Skarr.

If you jump on the floating rocks and fall, there are no Druids to "save" you so it's another corpse run.

I lucked out and saw Skarr my first attempt. I was standing on the shelf before the jumping rocks and was in close enough range to tame him. Once tamed, he jumped over the floating rocks to me so it saved me another corpse run.

If you don't like corpse runs, you could do enough dailies to get the quest to go through the flame walls to get to Skarr.
YOu dont have to corpse run through the flames, you can get around them through a simple trick, the edge of the fire wall spot that doesnt have ground beneath it to fall on is not covered in fire, talking the absolute edge, its a small space, but it is posible to run along that edge and get to the floating island with out a single death, as to the floating rocks, thats just a matter of timing or lag to result in death.
Skarr and the crab share spawn points. There is one on the first set of rocks, another farther along the eastern side of the floating island. If one spawns the other wont until the active one is tamed or killed, they have the same abilities (tame pet interupting cast spell), and will both teleport to you apon tame. just take your time on the first bit of floating rocks, as a few of them fade and fall away and then respawn.

The fire spiders have various spawn points, one near the fire wall (be sure to use cameo so you dont pull him and get silenced and nuked by the aoe effect he hass, his taming trick involves a floating rock), one on the floating island (freeze trap him twice then tame), one un the underground cave near the spider area (kite him untill his energy bar gets low, keep concusive shot and freeze trap up on him and run like hell), and dethtalic has to be dpsed while kiting untill his health is low (if he melees you he may very well kill you).

Outside the molten front, Banthalos, ankha and magria are available apon being able to enter the molten front, we can now survive banthalos's ranged moon fire attack, so the trick will be taging him and landing on something with out dying. Anka and magria however, you stil have to remove all gear that has even the slightest amount of armor on it, as they deal more damage based on how much armor you have.

magria and anka share spawn points along the area with the druids, fire elementals, floating boulders, and spirits of malorne.
Can some one tell me if i need to do quest line even if i used a level 90 token for my hunter?
08/06/2015 06:27 PMPosted by Åpollonas
Can some one tell me if i need to do quest line even if i used a level 90 token for my hunter?

Yes you do.
Does anyone know the rough spawn time of Magria I've gotten multiple ones but want to narrow it down so I don't have to camp all night
You need to quest MtHyjal until you unlock the firelands portal across from the Sacutuary of Malorn.

After that, you fly up above the sanc and be just high enough to tag the owl and then fall down to land on something without killing yourself and then tame.

Use a LOW iLvl weapon so you don't kill it accidentally while you try to get aggro.
06/20/2017 07:25 PMPosted by Celylea
Does anyone know the rough spawn time of Magria I've gotten multiple ones but want to narrow it down so I don't have to camp all night

Spawn is 6-17 hours and there is a 50/50 chance to get Magria or Ankha appearing.
I don't miss that camp at all.

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