[H]Cross-realm BG's.

Death Knight

^ What the title says.

Being that all the other class forums have there own little cool community !@#$s (I.E, TotT, @Day, Sentry Totem), I thought I'd do one too. And because, I'm bored of dungeons and daily's all day everyday. There will probably be a vent too, that you're free to join.

Some stuff:
Need to be 90 of course.
If you're mainly Alliance, and have a alt class 90 horde (I can barely level one character to 90, but whatever), you can come on another class.
Spec, gear, talents and glyphs don't matter (although the obvious choice is to be Frost, like all the other people with good taste).
If there are more then 5 people, then you'll need Preform AV Enabler.
All DK's are welcome, forum regular or not.

jackbauer#1194 is my battletag.
Necro bumping my own post.

Nothing you can do about it either.

Also the new Temple of W/E BG is terrible.

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