2H or DW for Frost DPS?

Death Knight
2h all the way. especially according to simcraft's in normal tier gear with normal weapons.

You're posting theory. Show me facts. The bottom line is you exaggerated, by a lot. 2h frost is hardly useless on aoe. You're right - numbers are meaningless. Let's put it into context: I easily do 40-45% of the party's dps in 5 mans (read: aoe fests) all the time. Numbers don't matter; %'s do. Is it as good as dw? No. Is it useless? Hardly. Does this mean dw frost beats out 2h all the time on everything cause some fights on adds? Please.

Edit: and never use HB? Really? Have you played 2h frost? You realize that you only use oblit on aoe packs when you have 2 uh runes up right?

Here's a fun test: You can add me as a battle-tag friend, and we'll q for a heroic together. Show me you can beat me in aoe by miles and I'll eat my words.

when I say relatives I'm not talking about you and your party, nor do I care to prove some points to you. Do whatever the hell you want. So far you really got nothing to back your statement other than "I use 2H frost, and it seems good though I never tried dw".

Notice I didn't say 2H is useless for aoe packs, i'm just stating that there is no real reason to go 2H over dw unless there's alot of gimmicky encounters in the new raid contents. And I am more than gladly to drop DW for 2H if proven that 2H is superior after experience / new numbers / patches.

Here's the early simulator for BiS gear/patchwerk simcraft.


Obviously not perfect, but this is the only thing we got right now. Raid just started, there isn't many "facts" out there outside of simulations and number crunching. 2H is ahead of DW by a meager 2%, according to the chart, and it doesn't really need to take much to know that DW will outperform 2H by a decent amount on aoe packs or any bosses with just a few adds. HB accounts for 20% of DW's dmg and only 6% for 2H.

A lot of the top Challenge Mode teams are using 2hand Frost DKs. So obviously their AoE isn't as bad as you believe it is, whereas their single target burst is FAR above DW.

Right now it's very clear that 2Hand is ahead of DW.

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