resto druid rotation

In need of resto druid rotation for dungeons please
Stack Lifebloom on the tank, Rejuv keeps most topped up, Swiftmend the tank as needed. Wildgrowth if the group is taking damage. Healing touch. Ironbark on the tank too.

Works for me while leveling and no mana issues.
There is no rotation. Read the spells and figure out what spell gets used in what situation. It's not really that hard.
Grobbin, no healing class has a rotation. A rotation is for DPS - a precalculated process that will maximize the amount of damage he/she will do in the least amount of time.

As a healer, your actions are all reactionary to damage (even when pre-actionary it is in response to damage, it's just that you are anticipating the damage that's coming ), and as has been alluded to above, you "match" the spell that will do the most good for the least mana cost to the situation at hand.

Strolle is correct as far as he goes, and that will get you about 65% of the way there. Add in the use of Swiftmend wherever it's needed, and use a periodic Nourish if necessary to keep mastery up as needed for the entire encounter, and Tranquility/Tree (or if you talent Nature's Swiftness, that followed by a Healing Touch) as your "it's hit the fan!" responses get's you closer. Be opportunistic with Clearcast procs - and when one comes up determine where a Regrowth or HT will do the most good.

I've talented Cenarian Ward experimentally for now, but if you have Nature's swiftness, use that with a Healing Touch if the tank is about to die. Be careful with it, if you use it, it's a long wait for the next one...

And finally, don't forget to use FairyFire especially on the bosses if no one else has, it can make a big difference in how quickly he goes down. (Or even on trash if you have the time to make the cast.)

All the opinion of what I (and those who run with me seem to ) consider to be a compentent, but certainly not stellar, healer.

thanks and sorry i said rotation ive never played a healer but im gonna make one was just interested in what most people do when healing as resto druid :P

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