Leveling 85-90 as Mistweaver. Doable?

I was Windwalker from 10-85. Looking to transition to Mistweaver.

Has anyone leveled and quested in Pandaria as Mistweaver? If so, is it viable? Fast, slow, etc?

It's definitely viable. I haven't died once, and I've been questing 90% of the time. I can kill elites all by myself, but it just takes... forever.

The biggest issue I've had leveling as Mistweaver is that I've been running out of mana constantly. I can only get a 2-3 kills in before I have to drink either my tea or some water. It's a little frustrating, makes leveling slowly even slower when you have to stop because of mana issues.

But so far, it's definitely doable.
u can, but jab mana cost makes it a horrible, horrible experience. have fun
I found getting right under the enemies hit box and keeping Path of Blossoms up (if your close enough they detonate as soon as they spawn, clearing the way for each new blossom) was a big boost to single target dps. Not quite the speed of a Rising Sun Kick crit to the face, but it gets the job done. AoE-wise, just use the monks' patented Spin to Win method, mixed in with a couple Chi Waves and you're golden.
I did it. It was alright. I tried to pull a bunch of mobs and kill them with SCK and Chi Wave.
It's do-able, but not really recommended. I was mistweaver 1-87. Jade forest questing was decent, if a little slow. But by the time I got to Four Winds, it just got way too slow with lots of downtime, so I off-specced WW.
The good thing about making a switch now is if your gear sets are behind there are vendors where you can simply buy the gear for your offspec or new spec. I'm duo leveling with a friend but when he's not around I go Windwalker although its really only slightly faster since all my highest level gear is Int leather.

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