Engineering and Rogues

So, I wanted to throw a question out there to the crazy thinkers of the forums. I have been leveling engineering and two things catch my eye.

Goblin Dragon Gun, Mark II

G91 Landshark

Here's the biggest thing about the new bomb, it has a cast time. You don't have to activate and click to use but since it has a cast time, I believe you lose out on all auto attacks for .5-1 seconds which is huge. I'll have to do some more messing around though because I'm pretty sure both of these scale.

As for the dragon gun, I think this will be worthwhile to use in AoE situations. Once you're spammin' FoK and Crimson Tempest, you're going to be out of energy, so once you hit zero, you can turn this thing on and AoE everything in front of you, without diminishing returns per add I might add, for some hefty damage. At least that's what it feels like right now anyway.

Going to do some later testing to see if they both actually do scale or if I was seeing things. As well, to also see if the bombs cast time stops auto attack as well. I only made one batch so I can't confirm if it in fact does.

Anyway, any input on the subject would be great. I figured something other than ROGUES ARE DEAD and WE'RE SO USELESS WITHOUT STEP'N'PREP would be nice.
We are useless.

On a different side, I love my nitro boots, it's a mini second sprint. Wish engineering had a vanish or something that would instant heal me half hp.

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